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WHNO Employees - (504) 681-0120

Dean Powery

General Manager (x204) Email

Jennifer Nero

Office Manager/Asst. to GM (x200) Email

Bob Lawrence

Chief Engineer (x504-366-4955) Email

John Laborde

Master Control Supervisor (x504-366-4955) Email

Ken Berthelot

Director of Sports Programming/Account Manager (x201) Email

Ken Trahan

Director of SportsNOLA.com (x210) Email

Ivan Hinson

Senior Account Manager (x205) Email

Adam Bandera

Production Coordinator (x203) Email

John Collins

Master Control Operator (x504-366-4955) Email

CJ Jumonville

Account Manager (x215) Email

Louis Labarge

Master Control Operator (x504-366-4955) Email

Darnetta Mahaffy

Senior Account Executive (x206) Email

Alex Michael

Account Manager (x207) Email

Lenny Vangilder

Account Manager (x202) Email