Marketing Services | Need to Advertise?


Unlike other media, television can provide the most powerful advertising message possible by impacting more of our senses through sight, sound, motion and emotion.

By advertising on WHNO-TV 20, you can reach almost 125,000 potential customers per week and place your message in front of one of the most loyal and responsive audiences in existence today. You can also rest assured knowing programs or other advertising messages will not be offensive to viewers.

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, the WHNO-TV 20 advertising team can assist you with numerous multi–media opportunities and services such as: Advertising on the Internet or in Local and National TV Broadcasts, video production assistance, website collaboration, marketing research and co-op advertising support. 

Simply put, WHNO-TV 20 can help YOUR business or ministry rise to the top.

The Advertising Staff at WHNO is here to serve you!