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One Heart

2009 Calendar


Thurs, 3/19 -GNO Pastors Coalition, 10am, Calvary Baptist Church, 2401 General De Gaulle Dr, New Orleans



Thurs, 4/2 - Pastors Praying Together, 7:14am, Daily walking with Christ, 3621 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans



Sat, 5/2 - Purpose-Driven Church Conference, 8a-4:30p, Celebration Church, 2701 transcontinental Dr., Metairie

Thurs, 5/7 - Pastors Praying Together, 7:14am

Thurs, 5/21 - GNO Pastors Coalition, 10am



Thurs, 6/4 - Pastors Praying Together, 7:14am



TBD - Praying around the schools

Thurs, 7/2 - Pastors Praying Together, 7:14am

Thurs, 7/16 - GNO Pastors Coalition, 10am



TBD - Praying around the schools (tentative)

Thurs, 8/6 - Pastors Praying Together



Thurs, 9/3 - Pastors Praying Together, 7:14am

Thurs, 9/17 - GNO Pastors Coalition, 10am



Thurs, 10/1 - Pastors Praying Together, 7:14am



TBD - Sermon Series

Thurs, 11/5 - Pastors Praying Together, 7:14am

Thurs, 11/19 - GNO Pastors Coalition, 10am

Sun, 11/22 - City-wide Worship @ City Church



Thurs, 12/3 - Pastors Praying Together


In November 2009, churches of all backgrounds and cultures from all around the Greater New Orleans area joined together in worship. 

One Heart for New Orleans (city-wide Thanksgiving service):  On Sunday, November 22nd at 6:00 pm, New Orleanians joined together to celebrate with churches around the greater New Orleans area as we gather to worship Jesus and give thanks as one Church in this city and region.  The church fellowships are from many and varied backgrounds, but can agree to worship and minister together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Our journey to seek Godʼs heart together will be seen and felt at this extraordinary city-wide worship service which will be held at City Church, I-10 Service Road, New Orleans East, New Orleans.

If you want to learn more about the Greater New Orleans Pastors' Coalition, visit them at


What We Believe:


The Greater New Orleans Pastors Coalition believes: 

ü  God sees only one Church in the GNO area and it meets in many locations.

ü  The mobilization of local congregations best facilitates evangelism and discipleship and reflects the unity of the Body of Christ.

ü  When one congregation prospers, the Body of Christ is strengthened.  When one congregation suffers, we all hurt. 

ü  The Church of GNO is strengthened when pastors and people affirm one another. 

ü  The corporate witness of the Church is enhanced when pastors and people affirm one another and serve together.

ü  The Body of Christ should continue to grow until every person in the GNO area is given the opportunity to become a follower of Christ. 

ü  Servant ministries and mission agencies are valuable expressions within the Body of Christ and congregations are encouraged to partner with them. 

ü  As the Body of Christ, we are compelled to respond to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our community. 

ü  Above all, we seek God’s vision for the city as a whole and develop a missionary strategy common to all, truly impacting the city with the gospel of Jesus Christ.